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2023-05-02   Biolog sponsors DynIon International Symposium

Biolog sponsors the DynIon International Symposium which will take place at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany, 15-17 June 2023.

The International Symposium on functional dynamics of ion channels and transporters is organised by the DFG Research Unit 2518 'DynIon'. The symposium will cover topics on the biophysics of ion channels, including ion permeation, ligand and substrate binding, translocation, and voltage- or ligand-dependent modification of function.
The symposium will bring together experienced scientists and young researchers from experimental and computational fields.

For further information please click here


2023-04-13   FAD analogue and 3 nucleosides added


2023-03-28   New: pppA(2',5')pA and pppA(2',5')pG


2023-02-28   Biolog offers new triphosphates

2023-02-06   Sponsored Conference: Immune System of Bacteria


2023-01-23   Eight new triphosphate analogues added


2022-11-23   New 5'-triphosphates available


2022-10-04   New: 5'-O-MB-2',3'-cAMP and carba-NAD⁺


2022-09-27   ISO 9001:2015 re-certification


2022-07-19   Ten new 5'-triphosphates available


2022-05-19   Now available: Nitrated derivatives of cNMP  


2022-04-29   Sponsored Conference: cGMP Augsburg 2022


2022-04-13   New distributors in China


2022-04-12   New distributor in India


2022-03-04   New 2',3'-cNMP analogues


2022-02-04   β-Benzamide adenine dinucleotide (BAD)


2021-11-18   New: Di-thiophosphate derivatives of 3'2'-cGAMP


2021-10-13   New nucleotide second messenger 3'2'-cGAMP


2021-06-25   New product: c-pentaAMP


2021-03-26   New: Biotinylated c-tetraAMP


2021-02-26   Fluorinated c-tetraAMP and c-triAMP


2020-12-18   COVID-19 Update


2020-10-26   New: 8-Azido-cGMP and 8-[Alexa Fluor® 488]-AHA-cAMP


2020-09-25   New cyclic di- and oligonucleotides


2020-06-17   Latest product additions


2020-03-20   Information regarding COVID-19


2020-02-26   New: Cyclic Oligonucleotides such as c-hexaAMP, c-tetraGMP, 3'3'3'-cAAG


2020-01-01   Happy New Year! - Frohes Neues Jahr!


2019-09-09   Sponsored meeting: Nanodomains in cyclic nucleotide signalling


2019-07-31    Change of the company's status - Änderung der Firmierung


2019-06-14    New polymer-linked dimeric (PLD) cGMP analogues available


2019-06-13    New: Alkyne-containing cGMP analogue for "click chemistry" reactions


2019-05-29    Another fluorescent c-diAMP analogue available


2019-05-20    Two iso-guanine nucleotides for receptor mapping studies


2019-05-15    Fluorescent analogues of Ap₄A / AppppA (Cat. No. D 115)


2019-05-14    New: c-triAMP and c-(ApUp) (syn: cUMP-AMP)


2019-04-10    Five new triphosphate analogues added!


2019-04-08    Biolog now offers 100+ different cyclic dinucleotides!


2019-03-15    2'-O-Benzyl-cAMP and 2'-C-Methyl-cAMP available


2019-03-12    New: Stable isotope labelled [13C20,15N10]-c-diGMP


2019-02-21    Sponsored Conferences: VAAM 2019 and FASEB NAD+ Conference


2019-02-20    Rp,Rp-2'3'-c-diAMPSS - Price cut!


2018-08-21    Cyclic tetraadenosine monophosphate ( c-tetra-AMP / cyclic tetraadenylate ) available!


2018-08-20    New category "Future Products" introduced!


2018-07-02    Linear metabolites available related to 2',3'-cGAMP and 3'3'-cGAMP, respectively.


2018-06-26    New products added: Rp-2'-F-dATP-α-S, Sp-2'-F-dATP-α-S and a new NIR fluorescent 2',3'-cGAMP analogue


2018-06-08    New product: 8-Br-2',3'-cAMP


2018-05-17    New: TRPM2 superagonist 2'-deoxy-ADPR


2018-05-16    2'-F-deoxy-ADPR, 2'-deoxy-NAD⁺ & 2'-Fluoro-NAD⁺


2018-01-31    DEACM-caged cAMP available again


2018-01-18    Conference update: DGHM and DGPT 2018


2017-09-29    ISO 9001:2015 certification


2017-08-22    New bacterial second messenger: c-hexaAMP


2017-06-23    New 8-modified and "clickable" analogues of NAD+


2017-06-14    8th International Conference on cGMP


2017-02-13    Microbiology and Infection 2017 Meeting


2016-12-23    New: 2'3'-c-diAMPSS and fluorescent cGAMP


2016-12-22    New products: 2',3'-cAMP and Monobutyryl-cCMP


2016-10-26    International Signal Transduction Meeting


2016-09-13    Linear dinucleotides pApG, pG(2',5')pA, GpAp


2016-09-08    Anchored cAMP Signaling Pathways Meeting


2016-08-17    Welcome to Biolog's new website


2016-07-06    IRT 2016 Paris


2016-01-29    Conference update


2015-12-02    2'2'-cGAMP available


2015-09-23    New c-diAMP and c-diGMP-related structures


2015-09-17    New Biolog 2'3'-cGAMP citation


2015-08-10    2'3'-cGAMPSS / 2'3'-cGsAsMP


2015-05-15    pApA and pGpG - Price cut


2015-02-10    Biolog offers novel EPAC agonists, discriminating between EPAC1 & EPAC2