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2022-11-23   New 5'-triphosphates available

Our product line of 5'-triphosphates has been expanded by 3 new products. Please follow the links below to visit the corresponding product detail pages:

  • ANT-dGTP (Cat. No. A 222) - Fluorescent dGTP analogue, potential inhibitor of various adenylyl cyclase isoforms
  • 2-Cl-ITP (Cat. No. C 158) - Putative P2Y purinoceptor agonist and inhibitor of soluble guanylate cyclase
  • 3'-O-MS-dATP (Cat. No. D 167 T) - dATP analogue, suitable for coupling of various ligands including reporter groups

For a list of all 5'-triphosphates available from Biolog please click here.

All new products  you find here.


2022-10-04   New: 5'-O-MB-2',3'-cAMP and carba-NAD⁺


2022-09-27   ISO 9001:2015 re-certification


2022-07-19   Ten new 5'-triphosphates available


2022-05-19   Now available: Nitrated derivatives of cNMP  


2022-04-29   Sponsored Conference: cGMP Augsburg 2022


2022-04-13   New distributors in China


2022-04-12   New distributor in India


2022-03-04   New 2',3'-cNMP analogues


2022-02-04   β-Benzamide adenine dinucleotide (BAD)


2021-11-18   New: Di-thiophosphate derivatives of 3'2'-cGAMP


2021-10-13   New nucleotide second messenger 3'2'-cGAMP


2021-06-25   New product: c-pentaAMP


2021-03-26   New: Biotinylated c-tetraAMP


2021-02-26   Fluorinated c-tetraAMP and c-triAMP


2020-12-18   COVID-19 Update


2020-10-26   New: 8-Azido-cGMP and 8-[Alexa Fluor® 488]-AHA-cAMP


2020-09-25   New cyclic di- and oligonucleotides


2020-06-17   Latest product additions


2020-03-20   Information regarding COVID-19


2020-02-26   New: Cyclic Oligonucleotides such as c-hexaAMP, c-tetraGMP, 3'3'3'-cAAG


2020-01-01   Happy New Year! - Frohes Neues Jahr!


2019-09-09   Sponsored meeting: Nanodomains in cyclic nucleotide signalling


2019-07-31    Change of the company's status - Änderung der Firmierung


2019-06-14    New polymer-linked dimeric (PLD) cGMP analogues available


2019-06-13    New: Alkyne-containing cGMP analogue for "click chemistry" reactions


2019-05-29    Another fluorescent c-diAMP analogue available


2019-05-20    Two iso-guanine nucleotides for receptor mapping studies


2019-05-15    Fluorescent analogues of Ap₄A / AppppA (Cat. No. D 115)


2019-05-14    New: c-triAMP and c-(ApUp) (syn: cUMP-AMP)


2019-04-10    Five new triphosphate analogues added!


2019-04-08    Biolog now offers 100+ different cyclic dinucleotides!


2019-03-15    2'-O-Benzyl-cAMP and 2'-C-Methyl-cAMP available


2019-03-12    New: Stable isotope labelled [13C20,15N10]-c-diGMP


2019-02-21    Sponsored Conferences: VAAM 2019 and FASEB NAD+ Conference


2019-02-20    Rp,Rp-2'3'-c-diAMPSS - Price cut!


2018-08-21    Cyclic tetraadenosine monophosphate ( c-tetra-AMP / cyclic tetraadenylate ) available!


2018-08-20    New category "Future Products" introduced!


2018-07-02    Linear metabolites available related to 2',3'-cGAMP and 3'3'-cGAMP, respectively.


2018-06-26    New products added: Rp-2'-F-dATP-α-S, Sp-2'-F-dATP-α-S and a new NIR fluorescent 2',3'-cGAMP analogue


2018-06-08    New product: 8-Br-2',3'-cAMP


2018-05-17    New: TRPM2 superagonist 2'-deoxy-ADPR


2018-05-16    2'-F-deoxy-ADPR, 2'-deoxy-NAD⁺ & 2'-Fluoro-NAD⁺


2018-01-31    DEACM-caged cAMP available again


2018-01-18    Conference update: DGHM and DGPT 2018


2017-09-29    ISO 9001:2015 certification


2017-08-22    New bacterial second messenger: c-hexaAMP


2017-06-23    New 8-modified and "clickable" analogues of NAD+


2017-06-14    8th International Conference on cGMP


2017-02-13    Microbiology and Infection 2017 Meeting


2016-12-23    New: 2'3'-c-diAMPSS and fluorescent cGAMP


2016-12-22    New products: 2',3'-cAMP and Monobutyryl-cCMP


2016-10-26    International Signal Transduction Meeting


2016-09-13    Linear dinucleotides pApG, pG(2',5')pA, GpAp


2016-09-08    Anchored cAMP Signaling Pathways Meeting


2016-08-17    Welcome to Biolog's new website


2016-07-06    IRT 2016 Paris


2016-01-29    Conference update


2015-12-02    2'2'-cGAMP available


2015-09-23    New c-diAMP and c-diGMP-related structures


2015-09-17    New Biolog 2'3'-cGAMP citation


2015-08-10    2'3'-cGAMPSS / 2'3'-cGsAsMP


2015-05-15    pApA and pGpG - Price cut


2015-02-10    Biolog offers novel EPAC agonists, discriminating between EPAC1 & EPAC2