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Cyclic pentaadenosine monophosphate ( c-pentaAMP / c-penta-AMP / cyclic pentaadenylate / c-A5 / cA5 / cOA5 ), sodium salt

Cat. No.: C 394
CAS No.: [163499-42-1]
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Cat. No.: C 394-005
Unit: 0.5 µmol / ~0.8 mg

For other salt forms please inquire. Cyclic oligoadenylates were found to be novel bacterial second messengers involved in the Type III CRISPR-Cas-associated detection and degradation of invasive genetic elements in many prokaryotes. The Streptococcus thermophilus type III-A CRISPR-Cas system produces c-pentaAMP as well as a range of differently sized cyclic oligoadenylates both in vitro and in vivo, although only the least abundant c-hexaAMP (Biolog Cat. No. C 332) activated the Csm6 ribonuclease of this organism. Reference: Smalakyte et al., Nucleic Acids Res., 48, 9204 - 9217 (2020).

Cat. No. C 394
CAS number [163499-42-1]
Purity > 95% HPLC
Salt form Sodium
Appearance Crystallized or lyophilized solid
Storage temperature -20°C / -4°F
Molecular formula C₅₀H₆₀N₂₅O₃₀P₅ (for free acid)
Molecular weight [g/mol] 1646.0 (for free acid)
Absorption max [nm] 258
Molar extinction coefficient ε [L·mol⁻¹·cm⁻¹] 67500
UV pH value 7