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Biolog is an innovative and scientifically orientated enterprise based in Germany, which is specialized in tools for signal transduction research.
The ISO 9001-certified company has its focus on nucleotide chemistry with special emphasis on cyclic nucleotide-based modulators of respective protein kinases, phosphodiesterases and ion channels, etc.

Numerous rare cyclic AMP and GMP agonists and antagonists of high purity have been developed which differ in terms of membrane permeability, receptor specificity and kinase isozyme selectivity or which carry fluorescent labels.
For affinity chromatography of cyclic nucleotide-binding proteins, gels with PDE-stable ligand structures are available as well.
Custom syntheses and custom purifications, especially in the field of mono-, di- and triphosphates as well as fluorescence labelling are other main activities of the company.

At Biolog there is permanent research on novel specific modulators of cyclic nucleotide-responsive receptors which has already led to several generally accepted tools for signal transduction research, such as PKA and PKG inhibitors as well as Epac-specific agonists.
The company collaborates scientifically with other research groups as well, mainly on receptor mapping studies and the development of novel enzyme modulators by means of nucleotide analogues (click here for a list of literature references).
Since most of the products offered are synthesised in own laboratories there is a strong background in nucleotide chemistry and corresponding scientific areas.

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In 2007 Biolog implemented a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001, which has been regularly monitored and re-certified since then. An important part of this quality management system is our Quality Policy, which includes the following principles:

  • For us, quality means the obligation to have ensured that our customers and cooperation partners can rely on us and our products and services at all times and in every respect.
  • We are there for our customers! All incoming customer inquiries are always answered as quickly as possible and with all due care by defined contact persons.
  • We strive to continuously expand our range of standard products in line with the needs of the market. In doing so, the quality and purity of our products must meet the highest demands placed on them by our customers. At the same time, our products, services and all related business activities must meet relevant legal and regulatory requirement.
  • In order to always be a flexible and reliable partner for our customers in all phases of the execution of contract work, our project management is subject to the continuous improvement process and is constantly optimized.
  • We always strive to develop a working attitude at all levels of the company in which potential errors are identified early and eliminated before they happen.
  • Errors that may nevertheless occur are important indications for us and opportunities for improvement. The aim is not to expose and punish those who cause errors, but to uncover errors promptly and avert negative consequences for customers and our company. Errors that are beyond our company's control are discussed in partnership with our customers or suppliers, and improvements are initiated.
  • Our company and our suppliers are interdependent. We therefore attach great importance to establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial partnership relationships with suppliers. Fair conditions increase the ability of both sides to add value and ensure the quality of our products and services.
  • We are convinced that our quality claim can only be realized through the consistent implementation and further development of our quality management system in the sense of a continuous improvement process involving all employees in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of quality improvements.
  • The management sees it as its duty to create and maintain a working environment in which all employees can optimally develop their skills and use them without restriction to achieve our corporate goals. Continuous employee training and development and high-quality workplace design are a basic prerequisite for this.
  • From our quality policy, we derive measurable quality objectives annually, which we present to our employees. The quality objectives serve as a measure of the success of our company. Their implementation is evaluated by the management and corrected if necessary.


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