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Pitfalls related to Dibutyryl cyclic AMP and -cGMP

- The Potential Biological Effects of Butyrate -

Both, dibutyryl cyclic AMP and cyclic GMP (DB-cAMP, DB-cGMP) are common and widely used tools for proving the responsibility of cAMP and cGMP, respectively, for certain biological effects. However, in spite of the intensive use of these second messenger analogs there exist serious pitfalls which can falsify the results obtained with them.

In their native form both analogs are nearly inactive towards protein kinase A and G, and need to split off one of their butyryl groups at the ribose 2'- position in order to release the kinase-active monobutyryl cAMP/cGMP. Induced by esterases, this should normally take place inside the cell, but can also happen already in the medium if serum is used.

Unfortunately, the released butyrate induces a lot of effects which are often interfering with second messenger pathways.That means, that for each experiment with DB-cAMP and DB-cGMP, the influence of butyrate has to be determined in control runswith sodium butyrate or tributyrin.

Today, a lot of much more potent and selective cAMP/cGMP agonists are available, which avoid trouble with butyrate. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

The following effects of butyrate are documented (selection):

Butyrate as a stimulator of gene expression:
Hypomethylated globin(2), β-adrenergic receptor(3), alkaline phosphatase(4), choriongonadotropin(3) , estrogen receptor(5), chromatin-associated protein kinase(6,13,16)

Butyrate as differentiating agent: Neoplasm inhibition(7,8), cytoarchitectural reorganization(8), plasminogen activator & inhibitor(10), interleukin 6-induced differentiation(11)

Butyrate disturbs the focus on PKA/ PKG pathway: Stimulation of PKC(17), induction of expression of PKC isoforms(18), abolishes the mitogenic action of forskolin(22), modulates cyclic GMP level (23).

Butyrate as inhibitor of histone deacetylation (HDAC): Protein phosphatase involved (18,19,24)

Butyrate induces and potentiates apoptosis: Induction of apoptosis(19, 20), potentiation of chemotherapy-induced apoptosis(21)



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