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Interested in EC Funding, but still need a suitable SME?

The European Community definitely encourages European research groups interested in EC funding to collaborate with small or medium sized enterprises (SME), in order to considerably increase chances for approval.

BIOLOG LSI is permanently looking for interesting areas and themes to bring our signal transduction reagents into practice, and we are interested to develop new tools for special tasks, including medical, cosmetic and diagnostic applications. In addition, our organic synthesis laboratory is eager to take new challenges.
Established in 1989, we have considerable experience in successfully launching new structures for the reagent market, and could thus provide the necessary commercial exploitation factor to your EC application.
Meanwhile we have already participated in five different projects (MAST III, CRAFT, RTD) and have comprehensive experience in corresponding paperwork, etc.

So, if you consider to start or join a new EC project and still need a suitable, science-orientated SME that fits into the frame, please let us know.

The following benefits and contributions can be offered:

  • Nearly 700 different nucleobases/nucleosides/nucleotides as regular catalog items
  • Additional collection (300+) of non-commercial nucleotides, metabolites, precursors, rare structures, etc.
  • Bulk supply of common cyclic AMP and cyclic GMP analogues
  • Fully equipped organic synthesis laboratory, and special experience in nucleotide chemistry
  • Large purification unit for all kinds of chromatography, extraction, desalting, etc.
  • Long-standing experience in structure-activity analyses
  • Determination of lipophilicity and prognosis of cell membrane permeability, corresponding structural ranking
  • Experience in marketing of novel biochemicals, and patenting
  • Prodrug and masking technologies for polar and charged structures
  • Long-standing experience in second messenger (cAMP/cGMP) signalling and corresponding literature
  • Long-standing experience in triphosphates (e.g. for gene sequencing) and corresponding background
  • Scientifically active team (list of papers)
  • Experience in fluorescent labelling of diverse structures, and immobilizing ligands to affinity gel supports
  • Experience in extraction, separation and purification of bioactive compounds from products of natural origin
  • Metabolic monitoring by HPLC on diverse stationary phases
  • Modification of and ligand immobilization to surfaces