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Ko-Libri - Biolog's new Library Series for Nucleotides, Nucleosides and Nucleobases

We are proud to introduce Ko-Libri - Biolog’s new library series for nucleotides, nucleosides and nucleobases. Ko-Libri allows you to test small quantities of a large number of compounds by purchasing a comprehensive collection of high quality compounds in convenient format and at reasonable prices.

Like all other products offered from Biolog, the compounds included in the Ko-Libri libraries are of high purity and individual purity data generated during our HPLC controls are available on request. To optimise the usability of our Ko-Libri libraries all compounds are supplied pre-dissolved in DMSO at convenient concentrations and are filled into 1.4 ml polypropylene tubes (temperature range of -80°C to +120°C) in user-friendly 96 well polypropylene racks. Each rack includes 16 blank control vials.

Biolog now offers the first collection: the Ko-Libri library of nucleosides and nucleobases which currently contains 48 base modified and ribose modified nucleosides and nucleobases of high purity. This collection as well as the whole product range of Ko-Libri libraries will be extended by further items in the future.

Biolog chooses the most convenient format and the best compounds of our product range to be included in our Ko-Libri libraries. However, as you may whish to choose specific compounds or a preferred format for your collection, we are happy to offer our customers a flexible customised service as well.

Please feel free to contact our customer service for a customised library where you can choose the number and nature of compounds, the plate layout as well as the plate type (all requirements are subject to approval by Biolog). A collection of possible MicroWell™ plates can be found at www.nuncbrand.com.