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8- Bromo- 2'- O- methyladenosine- 3', 5'- cyclic monophosphorothioate, Sp- isomer ( Sp-8-Br-2'-O-Me-cAMPS ), sodium salt
PDE-resistant, membrane-permeant Epac agonist
Cat. No.: B 031
CAS No.: [634208-34-7]
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Cat. No.: B 031-01
Unit: 1 µmol / ~0.5 mg
For other salt forms please inquire. Hydrolysis-resistant form of  8-Br-2'-O-Me-cAMP (Cat. No. B 022), which is a specific membrane-permeant activator of the exchange protein directly activated by cyclic AMP (Epac) or cAMP-GEF, respectively. Detailed technical information available. References for 8-Br-2'-O-Me-cAMP: Christensen et al., J. Biol. Chem., 278, 35394 - 35402 (2003); Traver et al., Mol. Pharmacol., 70, 30 - 40 (2006).
Cat. No. B 031
Patent Information Protected by patent n° EP 02077219.0 and foreign equivalents, exclusively licensed to BIOLOG LSI for research purposes only
CAS number [634208-34-7]
Purity > 98% HPLC
Salt form Sodium
Storage temperature -20°C / -4°F
Molecular formula C₁₁H₁₂BrN₅O₅PS · Na
Molecular weight [g/mol] 460,2
cAMP modified at the exocyclic oxygen axial (Sp-)
Modifications 8-cAMP, 2'-cAMP
Target Epac Activator
Lipophilicity 1.96
Absorption max [nm] 264
Molar extinction coefficient ε [L·mol⁻¹·cm⁻¹] 17000