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2- (2- Aminoethylamino)adenosine- 3', 5'- cyclic monophosphate ( 2-AEA-cAMP )
Cyclic AMP functionalized for immobilization or conjugation with markers and dyes
Cat. No.: A 097
CAS No.: [66311-12-4]
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Cat. No.: A 097-05
Unit: 5 µmol / ~1.9 mg
Ligand for affinity chromatography of cAMP and cGMP binding proteins and suitable for modification with fluorophores and other markers. Detailed technical information available. This ligand is also available in a PDE-resistant form (Sp-2-AEA-cAMPS, Cat. No. A 093) and with a longer spacer (2-AHA-cAMP; Cat. No. A 053). Reference: Rieke et al., Eur. J. Biochem., 83, 419 - 426 (1978).
Cat. No. A 097
CAS number [66311-12-4]
Purity > 98% HPLC
Salt form Free acid
Storage temperature -20°C / -4°F
Molecular formula C₁₂H₁₈N₇O₆P
Molecular weight [g/mol] 387,3
Modifications 2-cAMP
Target PKA (cAK) Activator
Lipophilicity 0.80
Absorption max [nm] 258
Molar extinction coefficient ε [L·mol⁻¹·cm⁻¹] 12600