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Interested in Biolog's experience with cyclic nucleotides?

Since we collect scientific data for most of our products, we can assist you with many of your specific questions connected to cyclic nucleotides. Our permanently updated data base contains published and even unpublished results regarding the Rp- and Sp- isomers of cAMPS and cGMPS analogs, as well as information on other sophisticated nucleotides. The following inquiries are symptomatic:

  • "Are there any papers dealing with the PKA inhibitor Rp-8-Br-cAMPS in connection with, e.g. cystic fibrosis?"

  • "Which are the advantages and disadvantages of dibutyryl cAMP?"

  • "Has BIOLOG any data on phosphodiesterase stability of 8-bromo cyclic AMP?"

  • "Which are the potential pitfalls in using the standard PKA modulators H 89 and dibutyryl cAMP?"

  • "Which PDE-stable cyclic AMP agonist is recommended for, e.g. PKA activation in hepatocytes?"

  • "Are there any data on the affinity of my cyclic AMP analogue for the regulatory sites A and B of PKA II?"

  • "How much does the membrane permeability of the three analogs x, y,z differ from cyclic AMP?"

We invite your questions and appreciate learning about your results and papers related to cyclic nucleotides. Confidentiality regarding sensitive matters is, of course, assured.

You are encouraged to take advantage of this service, regardless whether or not you are already a customer.