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Ethanolamine immobilized on agarose gel ( EtOH-NH-Agarose )
Control gel
Cat. No.: E 010
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Cat. No.: E 010-06
Unit: 0.6 ml
Cat. No.: E 010-25
Unit: 2.5 ml
Cat. No.: E 010-60
Unit: 6 ml

Agarose gel without nucleotide ligands, as negative control in affinity chromatography experiments. This agarose matrix is identical to the material used for synthesis of the affinity gels offered by BIOLOG. The reactive groups of the bead surface normally used to immobilize the functionalized nucleotide, have been deactivated with ethanolamine. References: Antl et al., Blood, 109, 552 - 559 (2007); Hammerschmidt et al., PLoS One 7(7): e39848 (2012).

Normally all affinity gels are supplied in pre-packed columns. The free beads without a column are available upon request.

Cat. No. E 010
Storage temperature 4°C / 39°F