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Custom synthesis services

Custom synthesis services
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In addition to our wide product range of high-quality nucleobase, nucleoside and nucleotide analogues, we offer custom syntheses and related services such as custom purifications or labelling of nucleotides and other structures.

Feel free to benefit from our long-standing expertise in nucleotide chemistry: Please inquire regarding your structure or task of interest, and provide information on the scale (...µmol...mg...g...), on the salt form as well as on the purity needed. You are also invited to provide your own starting material for processing in our lab to achieve the desired target compound. Confidentiality is, of course, assured!


BIOLOG's customized services include:

  • Custom syntheses of various nucleobases, nucleosides and nucleotides or other structures
  • Custom purifications of various nucleobases, nucleosides and nucleotides from raw mixtures as well as other purification tasks
  • Labelling of biologically active structures with various ligands, chromophores or dyes
  • Immobilization of biologically active structures to various matrices (agarose, dextran etc.) via different spacers
  • Metabolic monitoring of various biologically active structures
  • Determination of lipophilicity and lipophilic ranking of various biochemical structures


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