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c-diNMP Quantification

Determination and quantification of cyclic dinucleotides (c-diAMP/c-diGMP/cGAMP) in biological systems
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Biolog offers determination and quantification of the bacterial second messengers c-diAMP (Cat. No. C 088), c-diGMP (Cat. No. C 057) or 3'3'-cGAMP (Cat. No. C 117) as well as of the metazoan signalling nucleotide 2'3'-cGAMP (Cat. No. C 161) by HPLC-mass spectrometric analytics. Detectable concentrations depend on the matrix present, but can be as low as 4 ng/mL. References: Andrade et al., Cell Host Microbe, 20, 49-59 (2016); Valentini et al., PLoS Genet., 12(10):e1006354 (2016). 


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Cat. No. S 001