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5'- Phosphoguanylyl- (3' −> 5')- guanosine ( pGpG / 5'-p(rG)p(rG) ), sodium salt
c-diGMP metabolite
Cat. No.: P 023
CAS No.: [33008-99-0]
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Cat. No.: P 023-01
Unit: 1 µmol / ~0.7 mg

For other salt forms please inquire. First metabolic degradation product of the bacterial second messenger c-diGMP (Cat. No. C 057). Detailed technical information available. Reference: Christen et al., Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA, 104, 4112 - 4117 (2007).

Cat. No. P 023
CAS number [33008-99-0]
Purity > 95% HPLC
Salt form Sodium
Storage temperature -20°C / -4°F
Molecular formula C₂₀H₂₆N₁₀O₁₅P₂ (free acid)
Molecular weight [g/mol] 708.4 (free acid)
Absorption max [nm] 253
Molar extinction coefficient ε [L·mol⁻¹·cm⁻¹] 23000
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