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8- (2- Aminoethylthio)- cyclic diguanosine monophosphate, immobilized on agarose gel ( 8-AET-c-diGMP-Agarose )
8-AET-c-diGMP immobilized on agarose gel
Cat. No.: A 235
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Cat. No.: A 235-06
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Cat. No.: A 235-60
Unit: 6 ml

The bacterial second messenger c-diGMP (Cat. No. C 057) immobilized on agarose by an aminoethylthio spacer attached to position 8 of one of the two guanine nucleobases of the ligand. The gel may be useful for affinity chromatography of various c-diGMP-responsive proteins. Free 8-AET-c-diGMP is offered as well (Cat. No. A 232). Detailed technical information available. Normally all affinity gels are supplied in pre-packed columns. The free beads without a column are available upon request. Corresponding negative control gel without nucleotide modification: E 010.


Appearance: Suspension in 30 mM Na2HPO4 buffer (pH 7).

Cat. No. A 235
Appearance Suspension in 30 mM Na₂HPO₄ buffer (pH 7)
Storage temperature 4°C / 39°F