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β- Nicotinamide- 8- bromohypoxanthine dinucleotide ( 8-Br-NHD+ ), sodium salt

Cat. No.: N 006
CAS No.: [477782-33-5]
Shipping: Dry ice
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Cat. No.: N 006-05
Unit: 5 µmol / ~3.7 mg

For other salt forms or higher purity please inquire. Potential substrate, competitive inhibitor or regulator of enzymes that interact with β-NAD+ and starting material for nucleophilic substitutions at position 8. Detailed technical information available.

Cat. No. N 006
CAS number [477782-33-5]
Purity > 95% HPLC
Salt form Sodium
Storage temperature -70°C / -94°F
Molecular formula C₂₁H₂₅BrN₆O₁₅P₂ (free acid)
Molecular weight [g/mol] 743.3 (free acid)
Absorption max [nm] 254
Molar extinction coefficient ε [L·mol⁻¹·cm⁻¹] 14700
UV pH value 5.6
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