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8- (2- Aminoethylthio)- 2'- O- methyladenosine- 3', 5'- cyclic monophosphate, immobilized on agarose gel ( 8-AET-2'-O-Me-cAMP-Agarose )
Cat. No.: A 195
CAS No.: [pending]
Shipping: ambient
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Cat. No.: A 195-06
Unit: 0.6 ml
Cat. No.: A 195-25
Unit: 2.5 ml
Cat. No.: A 195-60
Unit: 6 ml

The second messenger cyclic AMP with a methylated ribose 2'-hydroxyl group immobilized on agarose by an aminoethylthio spacer attached to position 8 of the ligand. Considered to be suitable for affinity chromatography of various cAMP-responsive proteins, especially those which tolerate modification of the ribose 2'-hydroxyl group, such as the exchange protein activated by cyclic AMP (Epac) and certain phosphodiesterases. Detailed technical information available.

Normally all affinity gels are supplied in pre-packed columns. The free beads without a column are available upon request.

Cat. No. A 195
CAS number [pending]
Storage temperature 4°C / 39°F
Modifications 8-cAMP, 2'-cAMP