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8- [Pharos-575]- adenosine- 3', 5'- cyclic monophosphate ( 8-[φ-575]-cAMP )
Membrane-permeant, fluorescent analogue of cyclic AMP
Cat. No.: P 019
CAS No.: [pending]
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Cat. No.: P 019-001
Unit: 0.1 µmol / ~72 µg

For other salt forms please inquire. Cyclic AMP connected to the relatively small Pharos 575 dye (λexc 577 nm, λem 605-617 nm) by a spacer. The fluorophore can be excited e.g. by a Kr/Ar laser. Due to its high lipophilicity and bright red fluorescence 8-[φ-575]-cAMP is especially suitable for studies with intact cells. Upon binding to PKA a small hypsochromic shift is observed. Detailed technical information available. References: Moll et al., BMC Biochem., 9: 18 (2008); Agarwal et al., Sci. Rep., 6:19577 (2016).

Cat. No. P 019
CAS number [pending]
Purity > 98% HPLC
Salt form Sodium
Storage temperature -20°C / -4°F
Light-sensitive True
Modifications 8-cAMP
Target PKA (cAK) Activator
Excitation max [nm] 577
Emission max [nm] 605 - 617
Lipophilicity 3.07
Absorption max [nm] 575
Molar extinction coefficient ε [L·mol⁻¹·cm⁻¹] 20960
  • 1. Moll D., Prinz A., Brendel C. M., Berrera M., Guske K., Zaccolo M., Genieser H.-G.Herberg F. W., BMC Biochem., 9, 18 - 18 (2008), "Biochemical Characterization and Cellular Imaging of a Novel, Membrane Permeable Fluorescent cAMP Analog"